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Saturday, January 19, 2019

about Cleanteam

Cleanteam is dedicated to the issue of ENERGY as the foundation of life and as the foundation of our living. Basically energy is life – the difference between an alive person and a dead body is just that: in the latter the energy has ceased to circulate. Energy has always been fascinating mystics, philosophers, scientists and engineers alike, as if we want to understand the functioning of the cosmos, we have to understand its building blocks. Every atom is a dance of energy, and even if we break down this atom into its components we will see that its particles are nothing than pure energy. So everything is composed of energy. Different charges, frequencies and intensities are determining how this energies manifest in our material reality. However, origin and inherent intelligence remain a mystery and although great efforts are directed towards solving this mystery – mentioning the large Hadron Collider – so far it eludes a rational explanation.

If we talk about an energy crisis, we really mean that we are running out of exploitable monopolized resources that can be converted into currency. How else can there be an energy crisis. Physicists insist that energy can not be destroyed, but only converted from one form to the other. So the total amount of energy available must always remain the same. There is no shortage – it is not a question of quantity but rather of the quality of our processes and instruments, enabling us to harness this potential, which will help us overcome the crisis. A lack of energy has never been the problem but greed for money and power wanting to control the flow of energy and its supply is the rootcause for our shortcoming.

Without conversion and usage of energy as heat, light, mechanical work and electrical power there would hardly be any economic activity not to say organisational structure of society – read civilisation. Civilisation can only thrive on an ample supply of energy. If the supply of energy ceases, civilisation is doomed to cease as well. But a further criterion for the sustainability of a society is the sustainability of its practice: If the natural habitat – the environment – of the species degrades or gets polluted with toxic waste, no supply of energy, however big, will be able to rectify this condition and support the species. It is therefore not hard to understand, that usage of energy at the same time has to take conservation of resources and environment into account.

Cleanteam focuses on historical and recent events in energy development and their impact on our life and environment. While there is an emphasis on clean, green and renewable technology, Cleanteam’s observations are not restricted to the realm of “exo-energy” – energy peripheral to the perception of our selves – but will also explore the realms of “endo-energy”, the energy potential that constitutes a considerable part of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Hence the subtitle of this website: Energy – subtle to gross. Some of the energies pulsating within our physical (and nonphysical) bodies are very subtle – yet not less powerful, as they control the functions that require a more gross form of energy. You could compare this to a machine, where an electronic circuit (weak current, subtle) is the control unit that defines the processes of a mechanical device that consumes strong currents (gross) for its strenuous work.

We could say: “gross” for labor, “subtle” for intelligence. If we manage to adjust our thought process and dare to think out of the box – and allow this to take us out of the box – we will be able to perceive a much broader spectrum of the available energy potential that is just hidden from narrowed sight. Cleanteam questions restricting believe systems, stirrs thought and also investigates into the one basic question: why in the first place do we sit in the box?

This is an invitation for you to join the Cleanteam: let’s come together for a house cleaning, where we dispose of outdated concepts and bad practice. Although there is no need to throw everything out of the window, nothing necessarily needs to remain the way it is; we can allow ourselves to be creative, to invent, reinvent and rearrange – times change and with it the specific requirements.

Adaptation has always been the predominant evolutionary factor guaranteeing the survival of a species – we have the freedom to adapt our way of living rather than having to adapt to the consequences resulting from our way of living. Finally it is not only about survival, but about the quality of our lives: How do we want to spend our time here on this (our) planet? We have the choice – and the capacity – to make this place a happy playground full of wonder – or to run it down and endure our own and our children’s existence in a garbage dump. Please give it some thought.