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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


This Blog started on September 20th 2008 and has been relaunched on August 20th 2009 after an inactivity period of several months. All posts dated to the time before relaunch have been removed and are currently not accessible. I might make them accessible through an archive in their entirety or partially at a later date.


None of the materials presented on this website claim to be coherrent with current scientific, political or economic views and none of them are reviewed, approved or sponsored by any agency. All statements are a subjective representation of my personal view, belief and opinion only and in expressing them I solely adhere to my perception, my conscience, the free flow of information act of 2007 and to freedom of opinion and expression. Further I do not claim any of the statements made by me to be factually accurate or objectively true. I research my articles to the best of my knowledge, however there is no gurantee against any flaws in my conclusions or in the presented source materials.

By visiting this site you agree to take full responsibility for your actions and in no way I shall be held responsible for any incurred loss or damage ot your current views, beliefs and opinions or for any other conseqences that you might exerience as a result of consulting any materials posted on this site.

All links to other sites and all information that is offered through this site by a third party have been evaluated at the time of building the link and have found to be of substantial content to illustrate the materials presented by me. However due to the dynamic character of the internet and the constant flux of information it can happen that a link becomes outdated, non operative of deliberately altered by a third party. I do not take any responsibility for the content of any links beyond the date of first publishing. I do not have the time to regularly follow up all links accumulating on this site. Therefore it is in your sole discretion and responsibility which link you want to follow and where you end up doing so.

If you find any inappropriate or outdated link you are welcome to notify me for corrective measures. Please drop me a note through my contact page, thank you.

You are free and invited to post your comments. I reserve the right to review all comments and edit or delete those containing spam, hatred, violence, diffamation or other contents which are in contradiction to the principles of a cultured discussion or those which are unrelated to the topic. Otherwise comments don’t have to be in accordance with my personal view.

If you like to contact me for any issue, topic, suggestion… or to book me for a public speech you can approach me through my contact page.

Having said all this I wish you much pleasure from reading my blog. Please recommend it to your friends if you like it, otherwise you may send your adversaries to this page. Thank you.

Last Update of this Page: August 27th, 2009

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