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Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Plenty-first century

Posted by Admin on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

When Nikola Tesla came to America to work for Thomas Edison, history took a strange turn. Tesla had some novel ideas about the use of alternating current in his mind, that he wanted to express and realize, but Edison had invested a great deal of his time and money into his own inventions based of DC current, that he wanted to see promoted and implemented. After some disputes this relationship turned sour. As a consequence the two great men became great adversaries and Tesla took off to develop his own AC system. Edison, in an attempt to win over the public interest started some campaign in which he publicly electrocuted innocent animals to demonstrate the dangers of AC power, but  Tesla finally defeated Edison with the support of George Westinghouse, when he electrified and lit the 1893 Chicago World Fair. This was a big success which let to the realisation of the Niagara Falls hydroelectric power project and the rest is history: his alternating current technology became the world standard for energy generation and distribution.

But to be fair, I think we have to credit both men with equal respect: Edison gave us the electric light while Tesla gave us the AC power that enables distribution of Energy over large distance (besides many other remarkable contributions from both men). Tesla and Edison, both, are in fact – from an objective point of view – complementary to each other, despite their seemingly contrary stands. After all, in retrospect it has become a needless dispute who was right and who was wrong or whose technology is superior.

What would have happened, if these two contemporaries had become friends during their lifetime and concentrated on their common interests and shared their findings and cooperated in their efforts, rather than resorting to proud righteousness and petty ego fights? But then… both were humans and ego gratification is believed to be a prime human motivator – everybody craves for recognition and superiority. Unfortunately when it comes to business this craving can easily turn into an ugly addiction for greed, power, domination. That’s where we find ourselves today as far as energy standards are concerned.

We pollute, we fight, we kill thereby destroying our very life foundation for energy dominance, and inspite of growing global awareness and imminent dire consequences of our outdated attitude, we seems to make very meagre progress in quitting such self destructive tendencies. Somehow it appears we deliberately ignore the urgency as well as the fact that we all populate one and the same planet, breathe the same air and before all – that we write century XXIst…

In my opinion it’d be about time to (re-)discover mutualities and the creative aspects of our presence on this globe and make it a fun game to solve the problems of our own making. Finally it is about our future as a race and how we want to spend the time here together. In regard to the Energy question it may help to focus on innovation over conservation, renewable sources over controllable sources, decentralised systems over centralised ones – and until the deployment of fresh and better solutions we can resort to a bit of energy/fuel efficiency by banning Edisons warm glowing bulbs for cold white Tesla light. But really, I believe there is no need for dictated modesty as there is plenty of Energy available in a variety of forms that can be harnessed (a much nicer term than “exploited” anyway, isn’t it?) and who knows, maybe we just have to dig a bit in some dusty drawers to find some existing and readily available technologies and solutions. I know, this might not sound like a great idea to everyone due to reasons of the above mentioned prime human motivator…but hey – haven’t we all clearly hoped and voted for CHANGE?

How to Qtranslate the German Date in this purple Tem plate?

Posted by Admin on Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Last night I was spending quite some time figuring out how to get qtranslate translate the Dates of posts and the current date on the upper right of my purple tem plate correctly. As you can see, I somehow managed, but I have to confess that I was reaching through trial and error and finally applying some methods which may make somebody more PHP savvy than me raise his/her eyebrows: I have actually hardcoded the words “Posted by” and “on” into the german analogs “Gepostet durch” and “am” into the template files by using an if/else statement with ‘qtrans_getLanguage()’ function. A similar statement I used to get the actual date and the slogan in the header translated. I realized, that many people seem to experience some difficulties with date/time in qtranslate and I just want to share my experiences here as it might be useful to somebody else experiencing the same dfficulties.

I this template the posting dates are coded as the_date() and the actual date is called by date().

the_date() function in the posts translates dates without difficulties with my chosen settings, but I could not get qtranslate to translate date() in the header section and as I already mentioned, my knowledge of PHP is quite limited, so I could – inspite of all trials – not getting anything to work apart from using strftime() for the actual date.

My settings in qtranslate are as follows:

in Settings/Language/Avanced Settings/Date Time Conversion I selected “use emulated date function” and I edited the Language file like this: For German I enter ‘l, j. F, Y’ (without quotes) into the date field (time field can remain unchanged in my case, as I don’t use time indication). For English I enter ‘l, F jS, Y’ (without quotes – and again I don’t bother about time).

The if/else statements applied look like this:

to translate text / date in the posting date

<?php if (qtrans_getLanguage() == “en”) _e(‘Posted by’); else _e(‘Gepostet durch’)?> <?php the_author(); ?> <?php if (qtrans_getLanguage() == “en”) _e(‘on’); else _e(‘am’)?> <?php the_date(); ?>

to translate the actualdate

<?php if (qtrans_getLanguage() == “en”) echo date(‘l, F j, Y’) ; else echo strftime(‘%A, %d. %B %Y’); ?>

I find it rather cool that I can translate the Header slogan with this method too:

<?php if (qtrans_getLanguage() == “en”) bloginfo(‘description’); else _e(‘ENERGIE – subtil bis grob’) ; ?>

Final remark: above said – it all applies with my theme and my two languages English and German and I am in no way able to go beyond that in my explanations: I am sorry I just don’t have the time, FREE ENERGY or the in-depth knowledge to answer questions any better in the comments. However you can ask them anyway, some genius might come across to answer them for me…

I feel it like Edison, when he failed a thousand times to create his light bulp and finally had a bright result – though I preferred I could do like Nikola Tesla who just figured it all out in his mind and every of his creations, when translated to the material plane, just worked on the first attempt.