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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Green Ragas Concert

Posted by Admin on Friday, January 15th, 2010

Chinmaya Dunster, a very productive and proactive musician and filmmaker, who inspires environmental awareness with his lovely compositions and lively pictures, will perform with Sandeep Srivastav and the Celtic Ragas Band at British Council, New Delhi on 2nd Feb at 7pm.

The Celtic Ragas Band has gained some fame playing at Paul McCartney’s wedding in Ireland in 2002 (“I love the unique blend of Irish and Indian style music of Celtic Ragas. It has become one of my favourites.” Paul McCartney), but more recently has given a series of multimedia ‘Concerts for India’s Environment’ in India. These aim to raise awareness about the many difficulties facing the natural and human environment in India because of unrestrained ‘development’. These have also turned Chinmaya Dunster into a filmmaker with the film ‘Concert for India’s Environment’, which he completed in 2007. “I spent many satisfying days deep in the Indian wilderness collecting wildlife footage for this, and travelled to some remote places for interviews and shots of the people who live around and depend on the wilderness”, says Chinmaya Dunster about his work

Chinmaya Dunster has a collaboration with Dr Erach Bharucha (his guide and mentor to India’s environmental issues and presenter of the ‘Concert’ film), helping edit his books and spread the conservation message through film.

If you happen to be in Dehli at the time, you are invited to enjoy the event.

Chinmaya Dunster writes:

You are all invited to my performance with Sandeep Srivastav and the Celtic Ragas Band at British Council, New Delhi on 2nd Feb at 7pm. It promises to be a unique mutimedia event. I have compiled an hour of amazing video on the subject of climate change, and we have composed new songs to help inspire awareness of this …and other green issues. Plus we’ll be playing some of my old hits too of course……

To learn more about Chinmaya Dunster’s work and to enjoy some of his beautiful music Videos, please visit his website at:

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