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Saturday, January 19, 2019

a cheerful spill about climate change talks

Posted by Admin on Saturday, June 12th, 2010

I haven’t posted here for some time. but reading Louise Gray’s article “Reasons to be cheerful about climate change talks” on just gave me the long awaited kick to air my mind.

climate talks

The author of said article must have lost it to the same extent as the politicians have when indulging in their favorite pasttime. I especially liked the third sentence of the article: “But while the sceptics continue to pick over the bones of Copenhagen, the officials behind the scenes have been getting on with the process and it looks like eventually they are making progress”. Yes, the politicians act behind the scenes, completely ignoring truth and reality and push on with “the process” of saving their back’s lower end instead of the planet.

The article has nothing much to offer apart from some buoyancy based on wishful thinking and I believe, in this it resembles “the process” of the few that intend to shuffle tax money – which is not their money – into a bankrupt economy – wanted to say into their pockets – by promoting a hoax. Insofar the article is even honest, as it admits the 100 billions annually will most probably come from public funding (your tax-bill), taxes on carbon intensive activities like aviation (you won’t go on vacation anymore by flight – you cannot afford it) and loans (great, let’s print some more money – we save the economy with more debt…).

“All countries have agreed” to save the rainforests and now “they just need to agree the best way to fund rainforest nations and ensure deforestation is not happening” – great! But have I missed out on something? Well never mind, this is a sound idea – just use the funds to balance  their debt towards the rich nations, so they don’t have to cut trees to pay their bill with the proceedings.

All is so simple. Why cannot everyone see it? Suddenly I see it very clearly – this is the solution: “Also the UN has commissioned two papers on what has been promised so far that will enable fair comparisons between different countries for the first time. This could force countries that are not pulling their weight to act.” Yes, force them – sh.t on democracy – we need the term democracy anyway only to cover our hypocrisy, otherwise it is of no use. We go and bomb some other nations, kill their people (collateral damage, you know) and whoever does not want to play our game is forced by some decree on some paper that nobody has ever ratified. United Nations – unite!

“The US refuses to be part of any global agreement until developing nations like China also agree to cut emissions. However China will not sign up to anything that limits economic growth and insist the US makes deep cuts first. It seemed the two superpowers could stop the world reaching agreement but both sides are softening their stance.” Pardon me – what? Now…China developing nation or superpower? Well the US is certainly a developing nation  – who isn’t with a broken economy, exploding unemployment rates, homeless citizens and a dozen trillions of debts. But their president is busy saving the planet right now and will save the nation maybe thereafter.

I have (what I think are) some really good suggestions for the people, who will still fly in their governmental airplanes, even long after Joe the plumber cannot afford flying anymore:

1. If you want to do something useful, get yourself a pair of rubber boots and go help cleaning up the oil spill (BP is said to have bought the search term ‘oil spill’ to disperse the overspilling rage – dispersants seem to be part of their business…). News

2. when you finished there – or maybe even better before you leave for the gulf – make some peace in the world by calling your boys back from places where they are lost and have nothing lost, where they only experience and create tremendous suffering (they d’rather help you in the cleanup).

3. get some funding together to fund research for alternative sources of energy – could be permanent magnet motors, cold fusion, hydrogen technology or anything else, that frees us from oil and from CO2 (and from spills and nukes and stupid taxes). Hey this is helping the economy, it will create jobs – and it doesn’t even cost a fraction of what you want to spend on the hoax. If you feel like spending some more though, put it into reforestation programs. Trees are beautiful and help cooling the planet – and they thrive on carbon dioxide.

4. retire and feel good about yourself and be cheerful, because you did something that really helped the planet and the people.

Al Gore at the inauguration of his latest pet project, the Climate Change Memorial, said that he was glad to be out of the carbon swindle, because it was getting too much of a burden on his conscience and that he had started to suffer from sleeping disorders and could not even enjoy lazing around at the pool of his splendid mansion anymore.

“See, I had tremendous success in creating the biggest hoax ever – even I myself was surprised that everyone bought it. But then at some point, I started to realize how harmful it really was, but by that time I was already completely drawn in. This created enormous tension for me and I just wanted to get out” and he continued pointing towards his pet icebear “he really helped me to regain my mental balance. Together we went for long walks in nature and this somehow made me aware, that it is not all just money and power – there is more to life.”

Al Gore has since worked for building the Climate Change Memorial in his spare time. “I want to do something for the people. See, this.. [carbon swindle] has made me tremendously rich – now it’s all about giving back”.

Al Gore innaugurating the Climate Change Memorial

Al Gore proudly presents his latest pet project - the Climate Change Memorial