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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Into the new decade – into a new era

Posted by Admin on Friday, January 8th, 2010

The start of 2010 also marks the beginning of a new decade. The last decade has turned increasingly frustrating for many: first terror then war – not only on terror, but on peoples -, the credit- and subsequent economic crisis, the pandemic threat, the climate change crisis…. No matter what your stance on these issues – it surely wasn’t easy. To me it seems that a majority of people are rather fed up with all the gloom and doom and long for some positivity, for some perspective, for the light to show on the horizon – short: for a fundamental change.

Change happens undoubtedly by itself. Exposure and revelations, the stroke of fate or new discoveries happen at any time and give our existence a new twist. We can either look into the future in despair or full of hope and anticipation. It really is a question of perspective. While challenges are a part of our earthly presence we can either perceive them as something “bad” and undesired – or we can accept them as a great opportunity for growth.

The question how we are going to experience the future is really whether we accept the opportunity to learn and evolve through such challenges, or whether we reject the offer and hang on to old ways that have provided us with a certain sense of security in the past, but that have now clearly shown to have outlived their validity. To cling or to release is the fundamental choice of our free will.

I personally trust that truth always has a trick up its sleeve to gain in live affirmative momentum that balances the equation, thus turning any given situation into a stepping stone that furthers our understanding, growth and development. However it might sometimes take routes that at first are hard to follow, and occurrences might be hard to comprehend as their outcome is not immediately foreseeable when they occur. When we look back later though we understand that all this had a certain purpose – even if it was just to break habits and situations that were not really good for us in the long run.

I think by the end of this beginning decade we will look back in amazement over the developments that catapulted the global community into a completely new reality in just ten short years. In bewilderment we will ask ourselves, how ever we could or wanted to live the way we were living only twenty years back, at the beginning of the 21st century.

The following video is a composition of predictions from the “Unknown” for the year 2010 from the Sedona Journal’s December 2009 edition, compiled by Peter Beamish. The soundtrack is called “Amazing” by the band “one Eskimo”.